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Digital White Paper: The Magic Benefits of Automated Transportation

With this white paper you receive information on:

  • What are AGVs?

  • What, specifically, is the problem AGVs are solving?

  • What are the benefits of using AGVs?

  • AGV Applications

  • What makes AGVs work?

  • What are the main types of AGV navigation systems?

  • AGV Classification and Prices

  • How do the different AGVs compare regarding key performance features?

  • List of 100 suppliers and companies working in that field


The Magic Benefits of           

Automated Transportation              

One key element of future manufacturing lies in

automated transportation


Today's warehouses and manufacturing facilities are not as inexpensive, safe, productive, and adaptable to changing needs as they could be. Right now, people are doing things that fully automated devices could do faster, cheaper, and more accurately, which is not only ineffective, but also discourages employees from doing what would add real value that machines can't.

More on this in our White Paper

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