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Knowledge advantage in technology-driven industries

ROKIN helps companies from the mechanical and plant engineering, aerospace and

automotive industries to remain competitive in innovation-driven markets.


Mechanical Engineering Industry

Mechanical and plant engineering is strongly influenced by innovation and the philosophy of continuous improvement of processes and products. In the course of digitalisation and the idea of Industry 4.0, many companies are transforming and repositioning themselves. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), sensors and flexibility are just some of the buzzwords in this context. The use of AI is particularly promising: the Institute for Innovation and Technology expects the use of AI in production to generate a gross profit of 31.8 billion euros by 2023. The processing and analysis of large amounts of data, the creation of self-learning algorithms and cloud-based solutions all become a reality with the help of AI. ROKIN screens the market daily for new technologies and supports small and medium-sized companies in finding suitable solutions and fields of application.


Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry has become an integral part of today's society, economy and science. The aerospace sector offers many opportunities for growth and is characterized by rapid developments. For example, the manufacture of reusable missiles and the automation of flight. Keeping up with this global competition requires new business models, sustainability, cost reduction and, above all, excellence in engineering. The ideas of electric flying, innovative satellite communication and internet access for the whole world are being promoted by many private, successful companies. The most important drivers here are newly developed technologies. With the help of special search algorithms, ROKIN supports companies in finding extraordinary solutions and bringing outer space closer to everyone. Are you ready for your journey into space?


Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is arguably the industry that goes through the fastest and most frequent innovation spurts and has been most strongly influenced by the digital world. In order to withstand the enormous pressure in this industry, expert knowledge is essential, because electric mobility as well as automated and networked driving are the trend. Lithium-ion batteries and fuel cell drives are now integral parts of a car, and plastic is replacing steel. The struggle for innovation with international competition from Asia must be carefully thought out for traditional companies. What is your plan to meet these challenges? With the help of our detailed overview of the latest technologies on topics such as ADAS, connectivity and lightweight construction, you'll be ready to face the challenge of technological perfection.

This is what a typical use case looks like

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