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Technologies in the form of low-cost gateway solutions to connect the pumps to the cloud were sought.

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connecting to the cloud

Our customer is a medium-sized manufacturer of pumps and peri-pheral devices with approxi-mately 340 employees. The main area of application is infrastructure from marine to agricultural installations.

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The manufacturer was looking for a solution to get data from the control units and sensors of its products into the cloud.

After a few days, over 30 gateway solutions with relevant interfaces were identified. The three most relevant hits were Toolsense, NewTec, and Fortebit. Due to the open architecture and interfaces, the customer opted for the inexpensive gateway solution Fortebit from Polaris.

The following interfaces should be available: Cellular LTE 3G and downward compatible, fieldbus via CAN, IIoT such as BLE or NB-IoT.

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