Use Case

With our approach, we support engineers in issues in development, production and at other points along the value chain, particularly in their search for suitable solutions.

This is illustrated by the following use case

The customer is a medium-sized manufacturer of pumps with about 340 employees. The company is based in Finland and manufactures pumps as well as suitable peripheral equipment for its pumps. The main area of application is in infrastructure, from marine to agricultural installations.



Driven by the desire of its customers to evaluate data from pumps and other peripherals, the manufacturer was looking for a solution to move data from control units and sensors of its products into the cloud.



In order to realize the wishes of the pump manufacturer's customers, the goal was defined to identify technologies in the form of low-cost gateway solutions to connect the pumps to the cloud.


The following interfaces should be available: Mobile radio LTE 3G and downward compatible, field bus via CAN, IIoT like BLE or NB-IoT.



Using crawler algorithms and an AI-supported search in internal and external databases, more than 30 gateway solutions with relevant interfaces were identified within a few days. The five most relevant hits were in modules from Toolsense, NewTec, akorIoT SensPRO, Pironex and Fortebite. Due to the open architecture and interfaces, the customer chose the cost-effective gateway solution Fortebit from Polaris to equip its products. In a first test series, the products were integrated and first test applications such as condition monitoring of devices in the field were set up.


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