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Our vision

To enable engineers to find solutions perfectly tailored to their technical challenges - at the push of a button!

The founding team

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Thomas Kinkeldei


Roberto Di Girolamo

Thomas Kinkeldei was a coordinator for Industry 4.0 in the Bavarian State Association of the VDMA and works here with the digital transformation of medium-sized industries, with a special focus on the development of new business models. Previously, he worked as a project manager for research at Hilti AG and dealt with IoT and new mechatronic applications for power tools. He holds a doctorate in electrical engineering and a degree in mechanical engineering.


Roberto Di Girolamo worked in the field of production & maintenance in medical technology after completing his engineering studies with a focus on mechanical engineering. He then worked as a speaker at VDMA Bavaria and supported companies in mechanical and plant engineering in the areas of business, technology and innovation.



ROKIN has its origins in VDMA Bavaria and is the result of many years of cooperation with medium-sized companies in mechanical and plant engineering.


Our knowledge is that, despite the many offers such as trade fairs and the information available on the Internet, it is very time-consuming to find specific solutions to technical problems. There is an oversupply, especially on the Internet, with lots of irrelevant information which makes the search process difficult.


From our own experience in industry, we know very well the often lengthy and tedious process of searching, evaluating and selecting solutions. We want to change that!


We use our technological know-how and experience in technology scouting combined with the possibilities in the field of data mining and artificial intelligence and develop a completely new approach to find suitable solutions faster, the "digital engineer".


In numerous industrial projects in areas such as process automation, monitoring and quality control, we have already supported well-known companies in finding optimal solutions . With our approach, we give engineers back the time wasted on unproductive searches so that they can pursue their real passion: implementing innovations.


How we got to where we are today

Media Lab Bayern Fellowship 

ROKIN is included in the Fellowship Program of the Media Lab Bayern.


SCE Proto-Förderprogramm

ROKIN becomes part of the SCE's incubator and proto funding program at Munich University of Applied Sciences.


10 successful customer projects

ROKIN can win well-known mechanical engineering companies as customers and implement first projects.

ROKIN - business idea

ROKIN has its origins in VDMA Bavaria. The business idea arose from many years of cooperation with companies from the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

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Funding of the AI project with TUM

ROKIN and the renowned IT chair SEBIS at TUM are jointly developing an AI solution.  

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