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Get all the essential information on a topic in the context of Industry 4.0

with our white papers.

The Magic Benefits of Automated Transportation


 The Magic Benefits of           

 Automated Transportation              

With this white paper you receive information on:


  • What are AGVs?

  • What, specifically, is the problem AGVs are solving?

  • What are the benefits of using AGVs?

  • AGV Classification and Prices

  • List of 100 suppliers and companies working in that field

How to maximize production output with more transparency on the shop floor

white paper shop 1.JPG

How to maximize production      output with more transparency on the shop floor

This white paper will provide you with information on:


  • What are the main challenges in shop floor management?

  • Why is information logistics the answer?

  • What are the advantages of information logistics?

  • Relevant studies & market analysis

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